Roth Premium Foods’ co-packing competencies are positioned squarely in the middle of the fastest growing segment of grocery: prepared foods. With the rise of “better for you” fresh, prepared foods coupled with Roth’s state-of-the-art cooking, chilling, and packaging equipment and central geographic location, Roth is uniquely capable of assisting growing businesses looking for competent co-packers or co-manufacturers. The prepared foods category has rapidly evolved from one where preservative-laden TV dinners dominated, to one where fresh, natural meals and meats are now commanding substantial market share throughout the perimeter of the store, from deli to the meat department. Leveraging the state-of-the-art equipment, listed below, Roth has the competency and capacity to co-pack or co-manufacture hundreds of different item types, from smoked meats to roasted vegetables to complete prepared meals, all of which can be packed for retail or food service in thermoformed pouches or skin-packed trays. Lastly, Roth has become a co-packer and co-manufacturer of choice because of its central locality in Colorado, which allows its customers to realize smoother, more predictable, and less expensive freight.





Zucchelli Double-Double Rack

Bake up to 68 standard sheet pans for fast production.



Southbend KELT Tilting Kettles

Tilting Kettle, electric, 100 gallon capacity, 2/3 jacket, thermostatic control, crank tilt with self-locking positive stop, faucet bracket, stainless steel interior, exterior finish, console & tri-leg base, 24.0 kW, CSA, NSF, 208v/50/60/3-ph


Rational Self-CookingCenter Ovens

This combi oven accommodates up to twenty full size sheet pans or forty full size steam table pans and comes with a mobile oven rack for fast and comfortable loading and unloading!



Enviro-Pak Truck Smokers

The Shelf-Pak Series of ovens incorporates a unique side to side reversing horizontal airflow to provide a greater uniformity at higher production. Capacities range from 150 to 4,000 pound loads. Designed specifically for all products that are best processed on screens such as seafood, jerky, poultry parts, meatballs and more.


LASKA Mixing Machines

LASKA mixers are used for the precise mixing of meat and fat, as well as the gentle mixing in of chunks and/or ingredients into meat and other materials. Exact mixing is necessary to be able to produce consistent product quality.



Multivac R535

The R 535 is a freely configurable thermoforming packaging machine in the high-performance range. It provides a high degree of efficiency due to its efficient packaging material and energy consumption. With the most comprehensive variety of equipment options on the market, the R 535 enables the production of complex pack forms with high output.


Multivac F100

The F 100 is a pre-configured thermoforming packaging machine in the entry-level range. It is distinguished by its small space requirement and an attractive price/performance ratio. The F 100 is available with several equipment options.



Multivac T300

With its space-saving design, the T 300 allows trays to be packaged in very limited spaces. The smallest fully automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC is suitable for packaging small to medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems and can be washed down. The T 300 can be configured with multiple tracks, enables a quick die change, and can be combined with discharge systems. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, its operation is very user-friendly. The machine can be individually equipped.


Multivac T600

The T 600 is the smallest fully automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC which can be integrated in a packaging line. The inline traysealer is suitable for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems, can be washed down, and allows for a quick die change. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, its operation is very user-friendly. The machine can be equipped to scale and customised.




It’s in our DNA.



We strive for excellence in every area of the food crafting, packing, and delivering process. At our state-of-the-art, USDA plant, we require that our team adhere to HACCP’s strict safety standards. Plus, we are a chef-driven operation because we believe no matter what the scale, food should always be fresh and taste amazing. And who better to ensure that than the professionals who really know food?


Unlike many large-scale, co-packing operations, we refuse to use artificial preservatives or sacrifice quality to meet volume demands. Instead, we use cutting-edge technology to create and pack high volumes of top-quality, minimally processed products with naturally extended shelf lives. Our state-of-the-art, USDA plant is packed with the latest equipment, like our blast chillers and smokers, because we believe in utilizing technology to disrupt the status-quo processes and implement safer, healthier, high-volume food products.